Diary of an ANZAC: The Front Line Diaries and Stories of Albert Arthur 'Bert' Orchard M.C.

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2 - Saturday Magazine • April 30, 2011 - MY TASMANIA - Leo Schofield, Mercury.

SOME time ago a reader very kindly sent me a copy of a book called Diary of an ANZAC, a collection of diary entries, despatches and stories by a Tasmanian soldier Albert Arthur Orchard from Launceston.
Known as Bert, he served for nine months at Gallipoli and a further two and a half years in France and Belgium.

Bert’s brother Artie died of wounds in Belgium, just 21 years of age, but Bert survived as did his diaries.
This remarkable record has lain on my bedside table for months and I finally began reading it over the combined Easter and ANZAC day holiday. No better time, I thought, and I have been unable to put it down.

Gallipolian Spring 2012
The Sunday Tasmanian
April 18, 2010

Comments on "Diary of an ANZAC":

 “Bert’s book is remarkable for its completeness and length. With a handful of exceptions, an entry was made for each day------it gives an intimate picture of the life of an NCO abd subsequently officer throughout that time in the two theatres in which most Australian soldiers were engaged, namely, Gallipoli and Flanders. - William Cox AC in his Forward.


“I can’t wait to share this with my sons and my class”
– Margaret of Devonport


“Congratulations on the book. After reading what you had taken to Turkey in 2004 I look forward to reading the full version.”
– Earl from Wowan, Queensland


Memories like these should be shared for the ordinary person of today has no idea of those who have gone before us, what price they paid for the life we live today.”
 Neville of Lindisfarne.

“Thank you Arthur – I read it in the paper yesterday and I was really excited because I am teaching my grade 9/10 students about World War 1 at the moment. They are absolutely intrigued and I thought your book would be fantastic to give them a more personal story. Thank you for putting it together – I am sure that many people will enjoy reading it, especially our youth, who need to appreciate what our men and women did for us to enable us to live in the country we live in now.”
Jane from Blackmans Bay


“Congratulations on all you have done regarding the collation of your father’s  diaries…it is a masterpiece.”
Gill from Kingston


“Hello Arthur, I am well into your book and I think it is great. Your father is absolutely magnificent in recording what was going on around him in the conditions in which he found himself and his matter of fact descriptions of terrifying events is incredible. It is easy to see that you have put many years work into bringing his story to print but you can be truly proud of yourself for bringing to light this marvellous story. I am sure it will sell very well and may also become required reading for history students, not only for the descriptions of overseas but also life in Tasmania in the early years of the century. – Ted from Devonport

“Congratulations, you have made a wonderful contribution to our society by ensuring such a valuable part of our history has now been maintained, hopefully in perpetuity. There is a real danger that these wonderful records such as that of your father, and indeed Bill Cox’s father would be lost but for the painstaking efforts of people such as yourself.”
Eric of Hobart


The Frontline Diaries and Stories of
Albert Arthur 'Bert' Orchard M.C.
Gallipoli & The Western Front 1914 to1918.

Compiled by Arthur Orchard
Foreword by William Cox  AC RFD ED QC

Over 260 pages, fully indexed.
Includes 48 pages of photos and sketches.

ISBN 978-0-646-52909-7

BOOK LAUNCH April 21, 2010

The Mercury April 22, 2010

The Mercury

The Examiner April 24, 2010

Sunday Examiner April 25,2010
Order your copy now:
RRP  = $34.95  - Wholesale enquiries welcome.

Copies of Diary of an ANZAC are also available for purchase from:
Fullers Bookshop in Hobart or Post Offices in Lindisfarne, Battery Point and Claremont Village.

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