Diary of an ANZAC
The Front Line Diaries and Stories of Albert Arthur 'Bert' Orchard M.C.
Gallipoli & The Western Front 1914 to 1918.

‘The Front Line Diaries of
Albert Arthur (Bert) Orchard MC.

Gallipoli & The Western Front – 1914-1918.”

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ncludes 48 pages of photos and sketches.
ISBN 978-0-646-52909-7

Abbreviations and Acronyms
About The Author
Background To The Diaries
Bert’s Diary Preface
Bert’s Diaries — 1914 to 1918
Memories With The 18 Pounders
Gallipoli Memories
Three Tassies
Blamey’s Raid
Interesting Questions
A Subaltern In France
Western Front Timeline
Military Cross Citation
Bert’s Poems

Forward by Hon William Cox AC, RFD, ED, QC.

Some excerpts from Berts diaries and other stories.

 "... little did any of us dream that day that he who was being left at home (certainly only for the time being) would be the one of our family who would pay the supreme sacrifice. Yet it was so...

"... busy day, very hot, flies a plague."

Sunday 9th Apr
"Only meat & bread from A.S.C.. Easy, quiet day so cleaned up my store & wrote a letter to mother after tea."

Monday 10th Apr
"Hot & dusty, rode to Ordnance to draw harness."

Tuesday 11th Apr
Hot – busy day –... "

"... many have gone on their last long sleep. Our turn tomorrow & I am full of glad expectation & confidence. If I go under in the struggle I’m

"... we were shelled twice and had to take cover – General Bridges handed the sketches and other reports to Major Blamey and told him to follow up the report with me fully from where we left our lines to start on the patrol.
Blamey and I spent the next few days

" it became clear that the patrol was moving straight toward them – eight men in all. They were about twenty yards away or less, and they were getting ready to act when "

turned round and saw three of the others bunched together as men will bunch together when they are frightened, although it was the very worst thing to do on such an occasion. They shot these three and all fell. Then they …”

“– went down beach on foraging expedition shortly after 6 o’c & brought  7 dozen eggs @ 3/- (3 shillings), also some chocolate & on return found the eggs were verging on “poultry” so…”

"...  an obsolete 4.7 naval gun was landed and it was placed in position just over the ridge in front of our number two gun. Five to six hundred men were used to pull this gun up and it took about three days to do the job ... The wheels were not properly chocked or something went wrong

... rained a little in the afternoon & a terrific thunder & lightning storm passed over at tea time. Still neutral, fooling Abdul who thinks we are clearing out & leaving him to it. Turkish artillery shelling us on all sides all day but …”

"... the Huns ‘broke through’ at Lagnecourt and we came in for our share of trouble on that fatal morning — losing Major Pybus and Lieut E. J. Clark both killed and nine wounded out of a crew of roughly 50 at the pits — in addition
we had the five guns in position disabled — two very much so and over 3000 rounds of 18 lb ammunition destroyed. This happened before

"... I would have gladly deserted for her - did suggest missing the train but she ..."

“ … Very cold & bleak, went to Palace hotel – Criterium for dinner& then to Playhouse to see ”The Misleading Lady”, Gladys Cooper Leading actress & very lovely.…”

"... & found body of Lieut O’Reilly who had been killed the evening before and whose work I had been sent to take over. A very unhealthy spot ..."

“…new position with party working. Gothas overhead in evening bombing. I went to see o/c 40th  Bty. R.Fl. about relief & had just left them at their dugout about 10.30 Bombs killed two officers & wounded three others & also wounded 5 gunners. I was only 150 yards away &…”

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