Pirates Bay Berry Farm
Award winning
Jams, Marmalades, Sauces & Relishes

Hand made Pirates Bay Berry Farm products
contain no artificial colours or preservatives.

Waterfall Bay Road, Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania, 7179.
Phone Sue: 0400 887 214
Email: sue@piratesbayberryfarm.com

Buy any 6 jams for $8 each
- sent anywhere in Australia
for $20 postage.

Lemon Ginger Marmalade
Lemon Ginger Marmalade
300g net
Orange Marmalade
300g net
Raspbery Jam
Raspberry Jam
300g net
Serving Suggestion Muffins
Serving suggestion
Jam or Marmalade served on muffins.
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
Strawberry and Rhubarb Jam
300g net
Boysenberry Jam
Boysenberry Jam

300g net
Tripleberry Jam
Triple Berry Jam
Suggestion Jam on toast
Serving suggestion
Delicious Jam or Marmalade on toast.

Blackberry Jam
Blackberry Jam

300g net

Rhubarb and Raspberry Jam
Rhubarb & Raspberry Jam

300g net

Apple and Rhubarb Jam
Apple and Rhubarb Jam

300g net

Strawberry Jam

300g net
Marmalade Triple Pack
Award winning Jam Pack
900g net
Marmalade x3 serve
Marmalade 3 pack
Lemon, Orange & Lime, 360g net
Jam Triple Rack
Three Jam Wooden Pack
360g net
Jams x4 pack
Four Jam Wooden Pack
480g net
Also Available:- Blackcurrant, Silvanberry and Youngberry.

Sauces & Relishes
Desert Sauces
Dessert Sauces
Raspberry, Blackberry & Boysenberry
Raspberry Sauce Serve
Serving suggestion
Raspberry Sauce & cream on french vanilla slice.
Savoury Sauces
Vinegar & Savoury Sauces
Raspberry Vinegar, Tomato Sauce
& Strawberry Chilli Sauce
Sauces Serve
Serving suggestion
Relish & sauces on savoury scones
or fetta and spinnach quiche.
Tomato Reliish
Tomato Relish
Great with BBQ meats or even in the morning with eggs and bacon. Enjoy! 250ml
Worchestershire Sauce
Worcestershire Sauce
Use on meat, chicken, seafood, oysters kilpatrick,
on anything you like ENJOY! 250ml
Salamanca Stall
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On receipt of payment,
your order will be posted.

Please allow 5 days for postage.

Pirates Bay Berry Farm.
Handmade Jams and condiments

Please ring Sue: 0400 887 214
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