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Terms and Conditions
TasView -
(Formerly EdgeTas, trading as AB Creative Edge)

NOTE: I no longer offering graphic or web design services.

  1. Definitions: TasView (AB Creative Edge or AB) = includes but is not limited to the owner/director known as "Tone", his employees, contractors, sub-contractors, family, friends and/or any associates.
    Client = the person/business/company/party etc. for whom a goods or service is provided.

  2. By requesting or agreeing to undertake any goods/services of TasView, the client fully agrees to these terms and conditions.

  3. Account terms are 30 days net.
    10% discount if fully payed within 7 days of invoice date.
    (Only applies to clients charged the full hourly rate.)
    Any outstanding balance after 35 days will incur 10% account keeping charge, compounding each month (every 30 days) it remains overdue.
    Any recovery costs will be payable by the client.
    TasView reserves the right to suspend or takedown websites and associated files for accounts which remain unpaid after 65 days at his descretion.

  4. By requesting a goods or service of TasView, you agree to pay for any time invested in design or creation and any external service payed for by TasView, (domain names and hosting for example) even if for what ever reason, you decide not to use the goods or service. This condition is may be waived only if TasView initiates a service as an example for a client under a "no obligation" agreement, however once the client agrees to proceed, this condition comes into affect and work done as an example may be factored into the final invoice.
  5. All proofs, drafts or beta sites supplied by TasView should be thoroughly checked for spelling and other errors by the client. Any alteration instructions should be given ASAP, preferably at one time and final approval confirmed prior to any deadlines. No responsibility will be taken for any expenses or loss ensuing if a proof etc. has been supplied to the client.
  6. The copyright integrity, quality and content of any photographs, text an any other material supplied by the client is the clients responsibility in regard to Australian and International laws and treaties, quality of reproduction, and errors. TasView will advise on image quality suitability, adjust images for best media reproduction and provide photographic retouching if requested. TasView will not be held liable for copyright infringment if advise is ignored or by following client instructions.

  7. TasView shall retain copyright on all created design work, websites and content until your account is payed in full, at which time, you become the copyright holder of the work created specifically for you by arrangement. TasView retains the copyright to any photography used, however, if you have paid for photographic services and photos were taken on your behalf of your business or products etc., you are granted a non-exclusive copyright usage to use only those photos however you wish in relation to your direct business needs. All other images require written permission before re-use for any other pupose than that initaially supplied by TasView. Rights are not transferrable without permission. Exclusive copyright can be arranged, email: tone@edgetas.com.
  8. All care is taken to present and deliver clients websites, print media and photographic requirements in the format required and a backup is kept by TasView, however, this should not be relied upon (no guarantee is implied) and it is the clients' responsibility to ensure they keep a backup copy.
  9. TasView web pages may have FREE basic alterations to existing elements made for the first 30 days if an error or omission is found. Unreasonable or complex changes in that period may incur the normal hourly rate. Changes made after the 30 day period will be at the hourly rate.

  10. TasView will provide updating & maintenance services upon request at normal charges along with additional training as required.

  11. TasView will always attempt to suggest and develop the best options, ideas and advice for clients needs based on current knowledge, know-how, best value and information provided by the client. TasView unfortunately can not read minds and has learnt over 30 years - the customer is always right* - the final decision and responsibility rests with the client.

  12. TasView takes no responsibility or liability for the performance, reliability or loss of any external services used or requested including, but not limited to: file and image backups, printers/copy services, website hosts, URL registrars, email services, counters, scripts, forms or website address re-directors etc. TasView may attempt to solve any third party issues on behalf of clients or offer an alternative solution if made aware of a problem.

  13. For security reasons, the full business name, ABN, address of business, phone number, proprietors full name and other details have been withheld from this site. These details are on invoices and may be obtained for client reference by emailing tone@edgetas.com - Rest assured, this is a legitimate registered business with many satisfied customers.

  14. This business has a registered ABN, but is not required to register for the GST component of the Australian Tax system. This means that no GST is payable by my clients or included on invoices, So ... SAVE 10%!!! (As advised by accountant).

  15. TasView reserves the right to alter these terms & conditions and seek legal remedy to assert his intended definition as final.
    *Except in regard to interpreting these terms and conditions.

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