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SPEEDLINER™ is the world best ute liner available and is now even better with the new SPEEDLINER EPIC™, which is even tougher again!

Whether you are looking for a spray on ute liner, tub liner, plastic ute liner or drop-in liner, SPEEDLINER™ should be on the top of your list as a must have item!

Automotive applications with canopy

SPEEDLINER ™ute liners is the true No 1 ute liner and spray-on protective coating unmatched in strength, maximum UV stability, colour range and long term performance. Being the world's toughest protective coating, SPEEDLINER™ performs where others fall short.

SPEEDLINER ™ is now over 500% stronger than our nearest competitor.
SPEEDLINER™ performs where others fail and no other liner system comes close.

SPEEDLINER™ is waterproof and is highly resistant to most chemicals. It is the only product of its type that can be sprayed, rolled and brushed, allowing non slip additives to be easily added. SPEEDLINER™'s thickness can be applied from 1mm to 150 mm, whatever the application requires, making it's range of uses unlimited.

SPEEDLINER™ can only be applied by a Licensed SPEEDLINER™ Dealer. SPEEDLINER™ in not a paint but one of the most high tech polymers available. All information on this web site is backed by independent testing. SPEEDLINER™ is the only  liner system to freely provide this data.

SPEEDLINER™ Australia provides a Lifetime International Material Warranty on all ute liners to the original purchaser.* Conditions apply.  


speedliner ute liner great for utes with canopy

SPEEDLINER™ suits a wide range of Automotive Applications, including a ute liner that provides real protection for your vehicle. Using SPEEDLINER™ is an investment in your vehicle and not a disappointment like other liner systems. Mitsubishi™ Europe is so impressed with SPEEDLINER™ that it now comes as a standard accessory on all Triton L200 utes in the UK. SPEEDLINER™ is a preferred supply product to Toyota NZ, and was recognised by VW Australia for the new Amerok.

SPEEDLINER™ can also be used in Marine Applications , due to its incredible durability under harsh conditions. SPEEDLINER™ is also used in a huge range of Other Applications including health facilities, hospitality work areas, army vehicles, floors, nonslip surfaces, horse floats, livestock trucks, water proofing, mine vehicles and 100's of other uses.

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dion@3hc.com.au       Ph: 0408 173 179

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