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    Our repertoire provides suitable music to create a unique atmosphere for your special occasion. The music we play ranges from the Baroque through to popular and contemporary numbers. Often requested pieces include:
     - Pachelbel's Canon, Vivaldi's Four Seasons
    - Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik
    - Schubert's Ave Maria
    - Bach's Suite  in D major and Brandenburg No 3
    - Handel's Arrival of the Queen of Sheba and Water Music
    - Scott Joplin's Rags, Tango by Albeniz and Gershwin's Summertime

    • Our service includes meeting with clients to identify and recommend music to create that special atmosphere for the key stages of the ceremony eg arrival of guests and signing of the Register.

    • We are happy to be involved in the planning stages of your special occasion and to recommend suitable pieces for the key stages of the ceremony or function.
    • Strings in the garden