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Michael Munday

Michael Adam MUNDAY

Previously trading as Yadnum Computers Pty Ltd.
ALSO: Level 4 Technology and Complete Baby.


Michael Munday NSW


Please contact CRIME STOPPERS: 1800 025 122

Since 2008 I am owed money and have been and am still in contact with other victims of an "alleged"
Intent to Defraud committed by Michael Adam MUNDAY, of 3 Como Place, St Johns Park NSW, which is apparently his parents address. It is alleged he now resides at 24 Onslow Gardens Middleton Grange NSW - and drives a blue Yaris Hatchback. ABN 38 327 199 652

He has also used the names Liam Munday, Michael William Munday but now calls himself Dr. Michael Munday on Twitter and owner and producer at Remedy Music with studios in NSW and Hollywood.

We know of 45 people who claim to have ordered items from Yadnum Computers - owned by Michael Munday and STILL have not received a refund. While most claims are less than $500, the total known amount is $26,934.45. There is likely more, Munday claimed he took 1,000 orders over his "holiday".

We are also aware of more recent allegations of fraudulent activity carried out by Michael Munday, including Level4 Technology and Complete Baby as well as alleged activity of eBay and GumTree and have been gathering evidence of proof that Michael Munday intended to deceive and that he continues to deceive.

I encourage anyone who believes they have been defrauded by Michael Munday
to contact Fairfield Police Station, RE: NSW Police Investigation E36901744 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 025 122.

You can also contact me: scammed@ontas.net if you have any information/proof to add here or are aware of new activity.

..  the most important proofs of a fraud offence is that there was an intention to deceive (including recklessness). ..

It is clear from our correspondence that you are not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation undertaken by Detective FENWICK or my initial review of the matter. This is unfortunate and is at times an unavoidable part of police work. I am however prepared to give you an undertaking that I will review the website that you have referred me to and that I will also retrieve the original case file from archives and review the material. Please understand that this in no way guarantees that the investigation will be re-opened or that action will be taken against MUNDAY.  Please also understand that I am unable to give you a time frame as to when this review will be undertaken or completed. It may take some time. 


Mick Haran 
Detective Sergeant  
Fairfield Police Station  
40 - 42 Smart St
Fairfield, NSW, 2165
Ph:  (02) 9728 8420   E/N: 85420
Fax: (02) 9728 8441  E/N: 85441

Fraud carries a maximum sentence of 10 years.

Call Crime Stoppers 1800 025 122
if you're a victim. You can call anonymously.

to transfer funds to PayPal for double protection of purchases!

THIS AUSTECH FORUM is still actively tracking Michael Munday, Please join.
you can find out more information without logging in. Please post your loss/info.

My Story: December 2008

Michael Munday, trading as Yadnum Computers, ACN 128 189 775, ABN 31 128 189 775 ... his website (www.yadnum.com.au) featured the "processors" ordered on the home page, as the "number one best seller". 
He advertised the Intel i7 processors for $385.00 each. The cheapest elsewhere was $440 (if you brought a motherboard too) ... then there's a few at $460

I believe MUNDAY intentionally and knowingly deceived me by dishonestly featuring an item for sale on his website for a price which seemed almost too good to be true - commonly referred to as "bait advertising", which is illegal.
Infact, I was so cautious, before my order I searched out his company "Yadnum Computers" for independent customer feedback and reviews online. All appeared above board, the business had been operating for 18 months.

I ordered 2x i7 CPU's on December 28, 2008 from Michael Munday, trading as Yadnum Computers, paid by direct deposit $778.95 inc shipping & GST.

Michael went on four weeks holiday with no forewarning, the ordered goods have never arrived and despite numerous attempts, no refund has been received.

After a few promises of delivery, then refund and then trying to contact Michael with no success, I contacted Michael Munday's Bank and mine, but could not reverse the transaction.
I then contacted the ACCC (Feb 19, 2009) who said " the conduct you have described is a potential breach of 58 ... I have lodged details of your complaint on our National database".
My state Consumer Affairs directed me to the NSW Office of Fair Trading, where I made a complaint on March 13, 2009.
I also contacted the ATO, as Michael Munday had charged me (and others) GST, when his ABN was not registered to collect GST.

I've also spent almost as much as the original order amount on Civil proceedings, including sending the Sheriff to his home on July 1, 2010. He wasn't home and his mum said he has no assets. I'm following this up with an examination order.

I have sent a Statutory Declaration signed by me to the Fairfield Police station alleging that Michael Munday Trading as Yadnum Computers Pty Ltd. deliberately defrauded me and used "bait advertising" and I am persuing a case of fraud.

RE: Case No.: E36901749 - Yadnum Computers Statement‏

From: --me--@hotmail.com
To: yadnumrefund@gmail.com
Subject: RE: Case No.: E36901749 - Yadnum Computers Statement

Michael Munday:
"I am writing to advise that yes you are entitled to a refund, and we will process this as soon as possible."
"We anticipate that this could be 1-2 months, or hopefully sooner"

Over 4 years later and I have still not received a refund on my purchase from your business, Yadnum Computers Pty Ltd.
Seems like once again you have intentionally deceived me Michael.

Please provide me with an update on the progress of my order #14789 and the current status of your Paypal dispute.

The total amount owed currently with legal fees is $1171.05.
This will shortly be $1474.81 when I proceed with the examination order.

You can pay me now and I could go away - or I shall continue proceedings to get my money
and pursue having you jailed for fraud, which carries a maximum 10 year sentence.

You might have a while to think about all your "alleged" victims, I've come to know a few.

"Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at this email address so that we can get back to you in a timely manner."

When are you going to pay us?


Had a phone call from Det Mick Horan on 6/9/11 from NSW Fairfield Police station - (02) 97 288 458.

He finally received the documents he was waiting for - what ever they were - probably from Paypal.

Basically the Police think there is not enough evidence to convict Munday of fraud and have decided not to pursue the case further as they would likely have to pay his costs if it went to court and they lost.

He did acknowledge "No doubt he's up to no good".

Michael, please contact me scammed@ontas.net
to discuss how you might pay back the $1171.05 + interest you owe me.

Scammer Report Louis also got caught in the same scam.

Austech Forum Many victims STILL chasing Munday (no need to sign up to read - please join.)

Not Good Enough - Yadnum Computers Missleading the customers

Beware of Yadnum Forum
(100 members! sign up required - post your loss)

Atomic Forum Detailing some of Munday's scams removed from the Whirlpool forums.

Section 192E of the Crimes Act 1900 NSW sets out the offence and punishment of Fraud. 

192E FRAUD: 

(1) A person, who by any deception, dishonestly: 
(a) obtains property belonging to another, or 
(b) obtains any financial advantage or causes any financial disadvantage, 
is guilty of an offence. 

Maximum penalty: Imprisonment for 10 years. 

The Act further defines deception as: 

192B Deception
(1) In this Part, deception means, by words or other conduct, as to fact or as to law, including: 
(a) a deception as to the intentions of the person using the deception or an other person, or 
(b) conduct by a person that causes a computer, a machine or any electronic device to make a response that the person is not authorised                       to to cause it to make. 
(2) A person does not commit an offence under this Part by a deception unless the deception was intentional or reckless.

I encourage anyone who reads this who believe they have been defrauded by Michael Adam Munday to
contact Fairfield Police Station, RE: NSW Police Investigation E36901744
Crime Stoppers 1800 025 122 - this can be done anonymously.


2000: In a blog post, Michael Munday states he was a victim of fraud.
He likely knows first hand the lengthy processes and expense involved trying to chase up a fraud.

2001: yadnum.com website hosting and selling domain names - asking up to $10,000 for pcshoppingstore.com

2009: Yadnum Computers - goes on holidays, fails to fill or refund at least 45 orders totalling almost $27,000.

2009: Level 4 Technology ABN:  86 136 606 641. It has been alleged:
"He is now purchasing goods with false proof of payment. He is doctoring documents to look as though he has paid via eft however the money never comes through – by this time he has already obtained the goods."   Via MavAMPC

2010: Matt Walker alleges he bought an iMac from Michael for $1568 in an austech forum.
Michael went on an unexpected trip overseas, iMac never recieved, money still not refunded (2015). http://www.austech.info/showthread.php/45148-FS-iMac-27-quot-i5-2-66

21/05/2013 - Now "selling" nappies and prams ...

Complete Baby



I was contacted by someone who thinks this could be one and the same Michael Munday.

From the comments section:
Very, very suspicious. This is what the sites WHOIS looked like when he first posted;

Domain Name completebaby.com.au
Last Modified 04-Apr-2013 09:44:59 UTC
Registrar ID VentraIP
Registrar Name VentraIP Wholesale
Status ok
Registrant Complete Pty Ltd
Registrant ID ACN 082141768
Eligibility Type Company
Registrant Contact ID CFOXWU1109-00000
Registrant Contact Name Stephen Munday
Registrant Contact Email michaelmunday@iinet.net.au
Tech Contact ID CFOXWU1109-00000
Tech Contact Name Stephen Munday
Tech Contact Email michaelmunday@iinet.net.au
Name Server auns1.abstractdns.com
Name Server auns2.abstractdns.com
(Stephen is Michael's Dad's name! Coincidence?)

ACN: 082 141 768
ABN: 65 082 141 768
Registration date: 30/03/1998
Next review date: 30/03/2013

Status: Deregistered
Date deregistered: 19/08/2012
Type: Australian Proprietary Company, Limited By Shares
Locality of registered office:
Regulator: Australian Securities & Investments Commission

Complete Baby Pty Ltd (ACN 163 640 024) registered in North Ryde NSW

Is this enough to prove that the continued pattern of deception is intentional?
It's time someone . . . joined the dots!


21/6/2013 - Michael contacted me and threatend to sue for defamation over the contents of this page.
I told him to bring it on as I looked forward to facing him in court.

Cease and Desist letter


4/2015 - Michael #MichaelMunday starts a "creepy" twitter campaign to to woo back his wife of 3 years
after she left him because of a gambling addiction and lying - #michaellovesmelissa.
Daily Mail
Mamamia (read the comments)
Huffington Post

18/10/15 - Michael posts suicide intentions on Twitter.
20/10/15 - I find a death notice on thelastpost.com.au website. It states "Funeral date not confirmed".
On Friday 23/10 it is still not confirmed and no other notices have been published.
I contact thelastpost.com.au and the notice is taken down as fraudulent.
I was told his Mum Coleen's details were used to post it.
I also reported the notice to CrimeStoppers.

Michael Munday is still very much alive!
Around Christmas 2015, he was reincarnated on Twitter as "Dr. Michael Munday".

Screenshots of Michael's
fake suicide tweets and death notice.

Links to stories on this developement:
New York Post


10/2015 - I have become aware of recent scams that use the email address micmunday@outlook.com
- I can not confirm if this is Michael or someone else pretending to be him.

Most of them wish to purchase something off GumTree and similar sites, they state they are working offshore on an oil rig.
They claim to send you more money than you ask for - but they don't - and ask you to pay a courier who will arrange it all.

Some things Michael's alleged brother has said in 2011/2012 in the AusTech forum:

Matthew Munday  - as S8N & H8Mundays: 16/06/11: "I know for a fact that michael munday committed credit card fraud to to value of $35,000.00 on his own brother, his parents (Stephen and Colleen Munday) were involved, then on top of that he stole $4,500.00 from his 10 month old nephew from his trust fund..

23/6/11: karma will come around and get him and his wife eventually as well as anyone else involved

23/6/11: He has been going overseas to america quite a lot, aswell as dubai and a cruise. in aust atm though.

legally cannot say anything else as i have a current with police

1/12/11: Well people i have recently found out that Michael Adam Munday has now been charged and will be facing prosecution early next year.... FINALLY some good news

27/12/11: He was charged with committing $35,000 credit card fraud against his brother and i also believe that he was charged with ebay fraud to the value of over $20,000... He will be facing court at bankstown next year i was told..

Michael committed $35,000.00 credit card fraud against him and he also stole $4,500.00 from his son. And my username is H8Mundays because his parents were involved in it all!!!"

So you are claiming Michael Munday (your brother) with some involvement from his parents (also your parents) stole $35,000 from your credit card ?

I just want clarify this.
23/2/12: "Yes this is true and since 2009 have not spoken to any of that family... There is a court case on the 5th for the credit card fraud in bankstown if anyone is interested to come.. Just to prove the point that i have no involvement with him like i was previously accused of.. hence my name H8MUNDAYS...

25/02/12: I do not have anything and do not want anything to do with then thats why i use the term that family. My age is 28 (dont know why thats important), he stole from My son, i became aware of his scams in early 2010. he scammed me of the money via credit card fraud which they were applied for over the internet, approved and overdrawn.

25/02/12: if there are any other Q's from anyone come to bankstown court on 5th march to see the outcome in person. i feel that because i am blood related to him that people on this forum are believing that i am as bad as that family... generalisations are as bad as being a racist. i am the black sheep of that family as i am the only one with any decency at all. so please don't interigate me, i am not the criminal here, Michael and his parents Stephen and Colleen are...

28/2/12: Crown and gleeson I don't know about the circumstances. As for my reaching out do others, my case against him is iron clad he won't and can't get away with it. He will definately be found guilty. Parents would be in trouble because of Michael they have also had to remortgage their house for $50000 in the past to get him out of debt.

11/3/12: On The 10th he [Michael] tried to take me to court suing me for $8,000.00 which I never borrowed from him, result was that he never showed up at all and his case was thrown out the window by the magistrate. The "my case" scenario was the credit card fraud that he committed against me to which i went to the police and they investigated taking him to court and having me there as a witness, however i did not have to stand as a witness as Michael pleaded guilty to what he had done (credit card fraud) and has been sentenced to 12 months good behavior bond. He told the court that he has sent a cheque to Matt Walker and he had not cashed it yet as well as trying to gain sympathy stating that he has a gambling problem at the time of all of this and that he and his wife are now expecting a child, both of which i find hard to believe"

Here's some links if you're trying to contact Michael Munday:

Last known address -
24 Onslow Gardens
Middleton Grange NSW 2171

IP address:

ABN 38327199652

Emails - michaelmunday@iinet.net.au

Google+ - 

Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/pub/michael-munday/b3/488/7b4

Instagram - https://instagram.com/michaelmunday/

Twitter - @michaelmundy, @michaellovesmel,

Tumbler - http://michaelmunday.tumblr.com/

About.Me - https://about.me/michaelmunday

Quora - https://www.quora.com/Michael-Munday-3

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/michaelmundayblog

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/michaelmunday82

eBay ID: Michaelm-2010

He is using michaelmunday.brandyourself .com
- from the services description, he has something to hide:
"Control what people find when they Google your name.
Suppress negative results and prevent future ones from appearing."

Some other activities of Michaels include:
Remedy Music, Progressive Media & Music, Next Level clothing, an album "from the mind of Michael"
and apparent author - "Coming Clean" and "This time I'm not holding back" and Apple app "Michael".

Some updated photos Michael's been kind enough to post:

Michael Adam Munday 2015 Michael Munday 2015

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke.

It's interesting on Twitter that Doctor Michael Munday claims to own a recording studio in Sydney,
a US office located on Sunset Boulevard West Hollywood (29/12/15),

2015 Masserati Quattroporte GTS NSW reg BWA-61H - Service NSW says no plate exists. (Twitter 13/2/16),
ordered a Tesla S (1/2/16) and Kawasaki Ninja 300 (25/1/16)
yet can't afford to give me and others the refunds he owes!


Call Crime Stoppers - 1800 333 000

Michael has harmed his own character and reputation by his own reckless actions. Everything stated above is true to the best of my knowledge and I have signed a police satutory decleration to that effect. Michael did not and has still not refunded my money for a product I ordered from him in 2008.
Please pay me and your other victims Michael and change your ways.

The author of this page can be emailed at scammed@ontas.net

Photos are posted to identify the correct Michael Munday of NSW, Australia.

Michael Munday

Michael Adam MUNDAY

Previously trading as Yadnum Computers Pty Ltd.
Level 4 Technology, Complete Baby


Michael Munday NSW

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