"Life is to be found at the edge of chaos"   -   George Soros

ALIAS: "Swmbo" - she who must be obeyed

RANK: Number One  -  1IC

SERIAL NO: Classified.

FUNCTION: Supreme authority - must pre-approve all decisions!

SKILLS: creating delicious culinary delights, fine eye for untidiness.

FEATURES: Low tolerance level on variation of predefined outcomes.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Kicked ass in Wolfenstein
"that big guy was a pussy!"

KILLS: Classified (Tone has been threatened a few times).

COMMENTS: Highly organised. Not to be messed with.

STATUS: Mostly in control.

ALIAS: "Tone" of The Edge

RANK: Number Two  -  2IC  NCO


FUNCTION: EDGE Director, Implementation Engineer, special ops agent, Toneborg.

SKILLS: Hardware & software specialist, easily adaptable, dependable, able to think outside the dodecohedron.

FEATURES: Visionary concept creation. Evo design & construction guru. Misunderstood genius (& modest too).

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: Due to self-exiled low profile - status unknown.

KILLS: Known to have "topped" a few chickens, in game death rate too high to calculate.

COMMENTS: Easily distracted by new technology & shiny things.

STATUS: Operational.

ALIAS: "The Parrot"

RANK: Junior Recruit yet to be classified.


FUNCTION: Potential intelligence gathering specialist / hacker.

SKILLS: Articulate, astute, a whiz on the PC, holds unofficial world record for freeform deep diving.

FEATURES: "Big girl" mindset can be taken advantage of.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Made the kid across the road cry.

KILLS: Moderate field experience - none confirmed.

COMMENTS: A promising micro-dude, Edge trained from birth. Occasionally ignores commands.

STATUS: In training.

ALIAS:  "The Magpie"

RANK: Junior Recruit yet to be classified.


FUNCTION: Possible "bad cop" roll in interviewing/statement collecting.

SKILLS: Child prodigy in tolerance level testing & acting. Babel speak expert. Advanced mouse skills.

FEATURES: High pitched scream & defensive motions when demands are compromised.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Constantly brings Tone undone with undetectable stealth.

KILLS: Limited field experience - none confirmed, but knows where to aim!

COMMENTS: Do not be fooled by cute exterior. Highly volatile & unstable. Approach with caution!

STATUS: In training.

In Fond memory of our fallen agent & mate.
Lest we forget.

"Buddy the Wonder Dog."
RIP: 2006 05 16

BEWARE the current agent:
Black Bitch - "Storm Chaser."
Not nearly as friendly as our old mate!
ALIAS: "The Wonder Dog"

RANK: Private - little chance of promotion due to lack of discipline.


FUNCTION: 24/7 quad-ped security patrol & general "dog's body"

SKILLS: Outwardly friendly nature lets enemy within range before striking - suits recon missions

FEATURES: On-board intruder detection/alert & K-9 defence system (sharp pointy teeth).

CAREER HIGHLIGHT: 09/12/2000 Awarded "medal for bravery" for fending off attacking Rottweiler during long range foot patrol with Swmbo.

KILLS: 6 confirmed. (Note: picks easy targets - majority rabbits with Mixo)

COMMENTS: Handle with care - hair trigger temperament.

STATUS: high alert "with a lowercase h" (official Australian PM security status = mauve in US)

"Mmm yummy, more Borg fingers!!"
ALIAS: "Trusty Steed"

RANK: Corporal.


FUNCTION: 24/7 outer perimeter patrol, organic grass cutter.

SKILLS: Grand Master of free-from biting, kicking & chasing.

FEATURES: Heavy-set quadruped, hard to take down.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Bit "The Parrot" due to unauthorised perimeter infringement.

KILLS: 3 unconfirmed.

COMMENTS: Beware - has random attitude problem - possible flashbacks.

STATUS: high alert "with a lowercase h" (official Australian PM security status = mauve in US).

SPECIAL OPS PROJECT: Currently in training, an elite crack squadron of chickens.

Top Secret. Some training techniques inspired by the Aardman movie "Chicken Run".

PURPOSE:  Scattered perimeter infringement detection and stage one defence agents. May also be adapted as team reserves.

- The Edge functions similar to most governments - someone's altered perception of reality is cleverly interwoven and disguised with some blurred truths, outright deception, and fanciful dreaming, which is finally presented to the public to be blindly accepted by the masses as fact.

You have successfully completed your mission to infiltrate the Zoo.

(Beware the wild rampaging monkeys!)

If you start taking things too seriously, just remember:
You're a talking ape on an organic spaceship travelling through the universe!

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Cyberspace presence established 1997.
September 2011.

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