"If the Aliens are coming, they're coming here!" 
 - Commander Mick of ICC, 2003.

The E.D.G.E. is an evolutionary vision to utilize both off the shelf and custom manufactured advanced technology to benefit not only the immediate household’s occupants with a fast, flexible, reliable and secure communications network, but also enhance neighbouring inhabitants access to information sharing on a limited budget, with little if any ongoing costs.  

Approx. geospacial site location: 
-42.9140    Longitude: 147.2723
Elevation: +300m ~ sea level

Operational since July 2004, The Edge has proved itself a more than capable multifunctional zone for work and play.

On Friday evenings, it quickly became the venue of choice, a regular home of hot gaming action for the “Edge Elite Frag Force”, where Team Edge and Team Darkside battle it out for supremacy in the virtual arena.
Participant’s ages have ranged from 6 to 60 and due to it’s top secret location, the only way you can attend is via personal introduction - even for aliens!

Designed and built from below the ground – up, it’s functionality is beyond compare. Nothing is implemented that will impinge this number one priority! Eight operatives enjoy plenty of room, comfort, power and gigabit connectivity within the enclave, plus there’s the capability for another eight networked players in the attached Rec room if required.

As part of it’s evolution, suggestions are gladly taken onboard and generally implemented to improve everyone’s experience – after all, it’s about having fun, not problems. In it's first year of operation, we have only had one minor power outage, and two minor LAN glitches.

While each week’s attendance varies, we have had up-to ten operatives on an evening. For the Director, six is the optimum number for good game-play and relative care-free entertainment. With more than that, it can become noisy and difficult to get everyone to take breaks at the same time, and also deal with any arising PC issues, especially with irregular visitors. For this reason, some flexible “Gaming Guidelines” were introduced. There are also some basic rules of attendance, in consideration for slumbering occupants located upstairs.
Games played and their setups are decided democratically.

You might think that a dedicated set-up like this would cost a small fortune. In fact, the entire room, including cement floor, walls, ceiling, benches, paint, monitors, LAN and power cables cost just $2000! Yep, less than a high-end PC for a lifetime’s home entertainment.

Most items were picked up on sale, at auction or second-hand, and all labour except the slab, was undertaken by the owner over 18 months. Few compromises were made, carpet being one, but hey, it was FREE – and has since been replaced - with FREE carpet tiles!

Since 2004, the hardware, software and furnishings has been upgraded and collectable shindigu (other wise known a "bling") added as items have become available either free for a reasonable price.

Current projects include setting up a Local Community Wireless Network. There are still some areas which need finishing off, like the doorway, architraves, lining and sound-proofing the Rec area and even more bling, but who cares when your exchanging gunfire in the heat of a virtual battle, or side by side into the last corner after 10 laps of Bathurst!

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Did you recognise the alien?

EDGE Enclave

The ultimate modern day multi-purpose Home Command Centre.


EDGE PC desk

The EDGE 2011 - Home office by day ...

EDGE Gaming Room

Hard Core gaming zone by night.

Live feed security video console.

The original concept - spawned in 1954


FAST FORWARD 2011: Intel quad core Hyperthreading processors overclocked to 4gHz, 12Gig RAM, 3 Terrabit HDD's, 1.5 Gig GTX460 3D Graphics, 32" flat screen LED monitor, 50 Gig dual layer Blu-ray. Latest addition - Asus G73S "Republic of Gamers" Laptop: 17" screen, Intel Core i7 2630QM, 8GB RAM, 750+750GB HDD, Nvidia Geforce GTX 460M 1.5GB graphics with 3D HDMI out, Blu-Ray, backlit keyboard, Win7.
Wife: "it looks like it's from the 1950's." Me: "Yep, 50's Roswell alien technology!"

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ECC - Edge Command Centre

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