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Images of Tasmania - the best place on the planet
The Earth's first alien approved gaming venue
Hardware & software reviews - real life testing
A Mini satellite launched into space
The rest is up to you ... have fun in the Zoo!

"If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space."

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Tone of the EDGE design guru, misunderstood genius proprietor of AB Creative Edge specialising in small to medium business needs - 26 years experience in print advertisement design, Incorporating print design pre-press work, graphic design, web site design, typography, proof reading and photography, including but not limited to logos, stationery, promotional material, corporate branding, banners, posters, signage, flyers, leaflets, menus, brochures, newspapers, magazines, annual report design, image manipulation, photo retouching, typesetting. Tone Bacon AB Creative EDGE - The Entertainment Design Gaming Enclave. A Command Alliance Member (CAM) with Imageworks Communications Centre (ICC). A Bacon Design Director Anthony Bacon, has built the ultimate multifunction home computer entertainment centre bunker. Capable of networking up to 17 onsite PC stations, the enclave area itself seats 8 in complete comfort.
Pimp your PC room! Anthony's site shares ideas on budget office or home computer room layout, computer desk design lighting, ergonomics, build and network a pc games area, help you construct a functional dream study / studio or modify your den, customise your office on a budget - the supreme room mod. Tony Bacon's other pages include PC case mods, game reviews, hardware tests including input devices, controllers and peripherals, Joysticks, PC steering wheels, mouse, keyboard, monitors, webcams, speakers, headsets and seating. Edgetas - AB Creative Design, Located in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, a generally quiet and isolated Treasure Island thankfully mostly overlooked by the greed consuming the rest of the planet. We do have digital satellite TV, but broadband ADSL is near impossible to get in some areas just 7km from Hobart - we had no cable and on pair gain phone lines. To overcome this, The Edge launched a Mini Satalite of it's own above earth to bring home the Tone Bacon - a customised Leyland Mini mod - MiniSat 1 into cyber space orbit over Tassie. The perfect small vehicle for such a special task, Tonez finished restoring / modding his '77 Leyland Mini Clubman and it's featured on this site. Unfortunately not a round-nose Morris, or preferably a lovely hot Austin Mini Cooper S, but I do love the Clubby, I've always wanted a flying brick. In some ways this was a better mod project because I don't feel I have to keep to a genuine restoration." What are you waiting for? Jump in the cockpit - Welcome to the Lab!
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