Command Alliance
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Established in 2003, the Command Alliance agreement brings strength through unity.

The need to vastly improve existing communication infrastructure in regard to both speed and capacity, brought about peaceful negotiations to establish a high speed Wireless Network between ImageWorks and evolving EDGE Command Centres.

Initial Regulations/Standards were drafted and finalised between ICC and EDGE, to establish agreed minimum specifications required to be a fully operational Command Centre Alliance Member. Before one can claim Command Alliance status, a full audit must be carried by one of the inaugural members to ensure these strict minimum standards are met.

Minimum requirements include, but are not limited to:
6+1 1000Mbit LAN positions with 1024x768 17" screens
Connection to the Internet (Several methods accepted)
General Server for LAN
Licensed (Software, not Alcohol)
Television/Radio available
Backup generator
Quality non-reflective adjustable lighting and climate control

Low failure rate and general network and system reliability
4 zone multi detection Security systems + 2 Cams
Pass background checks
Website containing general facility details/WLAM info also required.

View the EDGE WLAN
install Page HERE!

RIGHT: A serious project such as this requires some serious equipment. 
A young Borgiborg is sent up the mast to check on some existing infrastructure and install a new antenna for testing.


EDGE to ICC WLAN link..

A Borgyborg volunteers to check the antennas.

Enclave Creation
EDGE Under Construction
Concept - Completion
Inaugural Member

ECC - Edge Command Centre
In partnership with
Imageworks Communications Centre
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Updated September 2015.

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