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Due to a casual job turning into full time employment
and the purchase of another business,
I no longer have the time or energy to provide web design or graphic design services as of July, 2016.

I will contintue to make small changes and website maintainence only for existing clients.

< Some websites created by
AB Creative Edge:

Tasmanian Gingerbread: tasgingerbread.com.au
Website, logos/branding and all photos by AB Creative Edge.
A larger site evolving over time - Tone is an owner/partner.

Transit Backpackers: transitbackpackers.com
Website, logo design and all photos by AB Creative Edge.
"Hi Tony, All the staff love the web site, thank you so much for a wonderful job and for such a smooth process the whole way through, just what we needed."

Diary of an ANZAC - Albert Arthur Orchard: aaorchard.com.au
From the front lines of Gallipoli & The Western Front 1914 to1918.
"Bert" was my Grandfather. I never met him but now I know his story.
Thanks to my uncle, Arthur Orchard for all your transcribing, research and putting together a worthy tribute to a truely inspring Australian hero.

"Hi Tone, Just checked out Our Tom’s website. Awesome!! Bill is over the moon with the job you have done. You should be doing this full time!!!! Big step though, I know. I hope you are showing your work off to people who matter."
(Unfortunately the i.am/aaorchard domain name has changed hands & is now unavailable.)

"Our Tom" - a film on Thomas Blamey: ourtom.id.au
"OUR TOM” was Australia’s military Commander-In-Chief during World War 2 yet millions of Australians have never heard of him.
"G’day Tone, Great work! You’ve outdone yourself again... Bernie and I truly appreciate your efforts on the web site... Had over 347 unique hits on the site and 444 hits with reloads since Sept 28, that’s 28 days."

Terracotta Roses: go.to/pamelarose
Single page website and all photography by AB Creative Design.

"Wow Tone, the website looks fantastic - your a genius! I've already had sales through the site."

Select Strings: selectstrings.com.au
Multi page website designed on a budget.

"Thanks for dealing with all the changes so promptly Tone.The website is looking good!"

Totally Tasmanian Made: totallytasmanianmade.com
Single page website and all photography by AB Creative Design.
"Good morning Barbara, I have had a quick peek at your website to see what you have changed. I must admit I hate the photos on your website because they make ours look so bad! ...With your products and website you are on a winner." Rod Beach, Australiana Online.

You can check out Tone's portfolio HERE!


Webpage design information

If you wish to tackle creating a website yourself,
here's some useful information.

The biggest contraints to great website design are perhaps not surprisingly time and budget. The information below is provided to assist those who wish to undertake their own website construction, and some options to consider, many of them free.

Designing pages for the internet takes a different approach to designing static print media. Working within the bounds of tables and cells, each web browser interprets content differently and can display elements in different ways. It's a far more flexible media which is still evolving over time, offering new features which were previously unavailable. It pays to ensure backward compatibility for older and slower systems, so that your site has the largest audience. Reducing file size for faster download without losing quality is very important too for those still on dial-up.

Domain Name Registration
REGISTERING YOUR OWN? Don't get ripped off!
There are some free options which usually involving aditional advertising on your site like run.to, go.to, get.to etc. These are not recommended for businesses as you don't own the name, so you have no control if the URL changes hands.
Registering a domain name costs money but ensures you "own" the name. .com.au domains must be re-registered every two years. You should ensure the registrant supplies "Domain name forwarding", which points your registered URL to your website, as this can be an extra expense! A complete list of accredited auDA registrars can be found
HERE. After researching them all, I highly reccommend Ventraip, who also provide decent webhosting packages.
I've independently assessed all "Accredited Registrars" -

Website Hosting

After the creation of a website, it needs to be hosted on a PC (server) so it can be viewed on the internet. Usually your internet provider offers some free space to host a website as part of your plan, AB Creative Edge can upload your site for you. Another option is to host it on a free web host such as 110MB or X10Hosting, but most free hosts require advertising or can be unreliable.  Websites are usually uploaded using an FTP client such as the free FileZilla.

How can I edit my website?

For basic editing, the free online wysiwyg web editor iNetWord appears to be a good choice. It edits websites and word documents from a browser window - nothing to download or install. Includes FTP uploader and site hosting options. For something more specialised and still free, try Seamonkey
  all in one web app by Mozilla.

* None of the products suggested above or their external links are associated with AB Creative Edge. They are merely offered as suggestions and  must be evaluated at your own discretion.
No responsibility taken, some products may have changed since reviewing.
Do your own research, check reviews & forums - Google is your friend :)

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