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Bes Mudi menu board - and the cat!
BesMudi Menu

Bes Mudi Menu

Mondo's Pizza branding - scaleable logo

Mondos logo colourMondos Logo mono
Mondo's menu board with write on panels.
Mondos Menuboard

Prime Times Magazine - 25 issues +

Prime Times Tasmania

Goodwood Good News headings

Goodwood News

Leeton Heating & Cooling - colour & mono
Leeton Heating logo

Encore Theatre Company Logo
Encore logo


AB Creative Edge specialises in
pre-press production and design.

Due to a casual job turning into full time employment and the purchase of another business,
I no longer have the time or energy to provide web design or graphic design services as of July, 2016.

I will contintue to make small changes and website maintainence only for existing clients.

Print Media
Advertising Guide

So, you need to advertise and you've decided to use print media. What next?

Budget constraints and content generally determine the size of your advertisement.

Space is your friend, don't cram too much in.
If your ad is too busy, people won't read it.

Logo's, visuals and space help add interest and make an ad stand out. Supply your designer with high quality artwork and photos if you have them, better reproduction can be obtained at a lower cost to you.

Consider your target market first - the best publication, day and section for maximum exposure, then size, copy writing, layout design. Perhaps a package deal can be arranged for multiple insertion using a series of ads to tell a story.

Check the booking deadline for your chosen publication and allow plenty of time to supply your ad early. If problems arise, it allows more time to fix them and ensure your ad looks it's best.

If you know what you want to say, copy is best supplied via email, with concise instructions where needed.
If no layout is supplied, your ad is designed to best suit your copy and any artwork.
A proof is sent to you for approval or changes. After any alterations and final approval, the ad is sent to the printer for publication.

Despite it's name, Publisher is not suitable for any professional press work. Adobe Creative Suite, including Indesign and Illustrator is the industry standard. PDF files using Press quality settings are usually supplied to printers.

 Pavez Jewellers Logo & stationeryPavez Jewellers logo

Specialist in pre-press advertising design
NewSkin advert

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