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NOTE: Due to a casual job turning into full time employment and the purchase of another business, I no longer have the time or energy to provide web design or graphic design services as of July, 2016.

I will contintue to make small changes and website maintainence only for existing clients.


Please enjoy your browse around this site, showcasing just a small sample of Tone's capabilities. The information icons at left offer client examples as well as helpful tips and links to some free programs if you wish to undertake any of these tasks yourself or are just starting out.
Reaching your market
The internet is by no means a total solution or a quick-fix
to your marketing strategy, no matter what the product or service.
However it does enable global customers to research your business
(and that of your competitors) 24 hours every day of the year
at their convenience!

No other advertising medium offers that.
It is the most cost effective continuous form of advertising,
effectively helping you save money whilst helping you make more!

Your website can become the focal point of your company's communication strategy and can feature in all your advertising, offering more information - much more than just a point of contact.
Not only can you use it to inform customers, but you can keep
your staff or team up to date as well, with password protected areas or use viewer feedback to fine tune your products and services.
Having a website is not the end of the journey - it's just the beginning!

Tone has over 26 years design experience in print and digital media


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July 2016.

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